Although this event has passed, I am offering an opportunity for those who would like gain access to this training.

For a limited time, I am willing to offer you unprecedented savings and unlimited access to this training.

Once you submit payment, you will be provided an all-access pass to view this video.

In addition, should you desire to receive CEUs and you qualify (i.e., licensed to practice in Texas), once you complete and pass a quiz, you will receive 5 hours of CEUs (which is the length of the video)!

So take advantage now! I will only have this available until June 15, 2019. After that, the price goes up and the unlimited access disappears!

Continue reading below to discover more about this unlimited access workshop!

There is nothing worse than after getting credentialed with an insurance company and receiving your first referral and new client, than trying to learn how to submit a claim. 



There is a big learning curve when it comes to billing and claims. From learning the lingo, to using the procedural code and diagnostic codes that are reimbursable, to understanding the time it takes for your claims to get paid and worse yet, how to appeal a denial!

It is enough to make you want to throw your hands up and send up the white flag of surrender!

It is definitely understandable, but help is here!


Valerie Kuykendall-Rogers, MA, LPC-S will be conducting a FULL DAY workshop that will walk each participant, step-by-step in the claims submission process.


Each participant will:


  • Acquire the basic coding skills needed to submit claims

  • Become equipped with knowledge to reduce likelihood of claims denials/audits

  • Ascertain the "lingo" and know how to determine eligibility and benefits for each of your clients

  • Discern which clearinghouse billing service best fits your needs

  • Practice submitting claims

  • Develop the ability to submit INNET and OON claims

  • Confidently convey information to clients regarding their insurance policies

  • Differentiate different types of policies and their subsequent benefits (ex. PPO, HMO, POS, Marketplace, etc.)

  • Ascertain competence when it comes to submitting both INNET and OON claims

  • How to undergo the appeals process should a claim be denied

  • FREE access to one OON claim software

  • FREE checklist and cheat sheets to use whenever you desire

  • FREE access to this training that will be taped live

  • Earn 5 CEUs for Texas LPCs, LCSWs, and LMFTs

  • Able to attend live or online for a reduced cost


  • Mental health professionals who desire to know about claims submission for either INNET and/or OON claims

  • Those who for a private practice group and want to learn how to submit claims for your group

  • Mental health professionals who only do private pay, but want to become more knowledgeable about OON claims- what to include on them.

  • Those who although may use a billing service, want to have a cursory knowledge for self and monitoring purposes

  • Those who are starting their business/private practice and want to determine if insurance fits their needs.