Minding Your Own Business (MYOB) Expo is the FIRST and LARGEST business-to-business (B2B) trade show and networking event, drawing entrepreneurs who specialize in mental health/behavioral health/substance abuse industry from all over Texas who are looking to connect with vendors who understand and address the unique aspects of owning a small business that specializes in mental health/substance abuse services. You’ll have the invaluable opportunity to build relationships in this unique industry as you network with both local professionals and companies throughout the Minding Your Own Business Expo. Exchange information, engulf yourself in new ways of thinking, and gain greater insight into your niche as you gain exposure for your company and generate business leads—all in one place! We want to make networking both exciting and advantageous for you as a business owner, which is why we offer multiple workshops throughout the day and an opportunity for a VIP Networking event in the evening. Whether you’re a first-time business owner or a seasoned professional, this hands-on format presents you with the opportunity to connect with the right people in a natural way, making networking and connecting easier than ever.

Does your company have a unique product and/or service that helps a small business that specializes in providing mental health/substance abuse services? Exhibit your company at the Minding Your Own Business Expo where attendees shop for products & services from vendors like you. Learn more about exhibiting and conducting workshops.

JJoin us in Houston and advance your small business’ or startup’s potential by connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs. We’ve made it our mission to help you gain access to the best vendors who can optimize your business success, all for free. Register to attend.