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One way to increase your referral base is to reach out to those specialists who would have a huge supply of your ideal client. For example, if your ideal client consists of female executives, then you may want to reach out to dermatologists and fitness centers. Stress is typical amongst this population and stressed individuals may seek out a dermatologist to address stress related acne. Moreover, fitness centers will also have a great deal of stressed clientele seeking to relieve their stress via exercise. Get to know the "gatekeepers" at these places, offer to bring bagels and coffee in exchange for speaking with the manager, doctor, staff, etc. Offer to provide a free class on mindfulness or relaxation techniques at local fitness centers as well. Think out of the box and direct your marketing efforts to those "ideal clients" you seek! Check out this calling script template for assistance.



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  • Are you wondering what is a good credit card processing service to use? There are many great ones, including Square, Stripe, and PayPal. Some EHR's also have a feature that will allow you to store the client's card on file securely. All are great, but they all charge transaction fees. Some are more than others. And if you use your EHR system, they may charge a service fee on top of the transaction fee (not all do, but check to make sure). I really enjoy using a credit card processing service exclusively designed for our industry...Ivy Pay. Once the clinician sends the invite, Ivy Pay allows the client to enter their form of payment securely and discreetly It is stored securely for future use without the clinician ever touching the card. Moreover, the clinician just simply enters the date of service and amount for each session and client's card on file is charged. Funds are directly deposited to your business checking account within 1-2 business days. If the card does not work or fails, the client is sent a reminder to update their card information. Easy Peasy! For my readers, if you have not used Ivy Pay and would like to do so, go to IVY PAY NOW . Use the invite code: valk996 when you sign up and you will get you $1,000 worth of transactions with no processing fee!
  • This is the million dollar question! How do I form my business? Which one is the best one? And what is the difference? Many mental health entrepreneurs prefer to start out as a PLLC (a form of LLC). The PLLC indicates it is a Professional Limited Liability Company and is the designation required for clinicians in Texas. I am not sure about other states, however, so I advise that you check with a business attorney familiar with your specific state requirements. Since I am NOT an attorney, I'd rather give you access to information from an attorney regarding the differences between these two types of formation. Of course, there are other types of business formations such General Partnerships, Corporations, and Limited Liability Partnerships , however, Mental Health Entrepreneurs typically choose between LLC (PLLC) and Solo Proprietorship. For more information about these two types of business formations, select the " More Info " .
  • I love watching television shows that involve flipping houses. I get a lot of ideas about design for my own home. I also get ideas about designing my offices. Have you ever thought about how to design your office? Creating a safe space begins with designing an office that feels or exudes warmth and tranquility. When creating your space, choose colors that reflects your brand, clientele, and niche. For example, if you specialize in seeing children, primary colors are the best (i.e., red, blue, green, yellow, etc.). If you specialize in working with men, warm tones like brown and blue, as well as wood textures work best. Also, consider all the five senses when designing your office space. What will your clients see, smell, hear, taste, and feel/touch? What type of wall hangings will you choose? Textures, smooth lines, soft music, subtle scents, and gentle music, all convey a message before your first session with your clients. So give it some thought, what message do you want your clients to receive when they enter your space? Use that as your guide and release your creativity!