Counselor 2 Counselor Peer Supervision Group was created to address the growing need for a safe, quiet, cozy, and confidential place to relax, unwind, and discuss cases/clients that we encounter. Let's face it, Facebook is a fabulous marketing tool, but it is definitely NOT the place to share cases and receive insight. There is a huge risk with doing so. As such, I decided to make the switch from "networking events" to "peer supervision/case consultation" groups. 

The goal is to reach as many mental health professionals as possible who desire to receive assistance and insight ,share cases and experiences, in an intimate and confidential setting. It is specifically designed for those who are in a single private practice (i.e., small business) or in a group practice, but don't get the opportunity to meet with others in the group to share experiences and receive insight.

The format is relaxed but structured. After sharing a meal, we will convene for 1.5 hours to discuss a maximum of 3 cases (if time allows). Every participate will not only receive materials that will help guide the consults, but if you are a LPC, LCSW, or a LMFT (TX licensees only), you will receive 1.5 hours of CEUs.

 We  will attempt to meet at different locations throughout the Greater Houston area in an effort to reach more clinicians, however, we cannot guarantee that we can make it to your particular area. We do have the ability to also allow you to attend virtually. You will receive the same materials and the same ability to earn CEU's, you just won't be able to taste some of our scrumptious meals :-).

When you Register, please let us know if you will attend live or virtually so that we can get a good head count for food/drinks.

I look forward to seeing you soon.