"I Do Not Fix Problems, I Fix My Thinking. Then Problems Fix Themselves."

~Louise Hay

Providing mentoring, consultation and coaching services from one counselor to another. In my 25 plus years in the behavioral health field, I know how taxing it can be to be in the profession of helping others, running a business, managing family/personal life, etc. Sometimes we just need support,  other times we need direction/guidance, and other times we just need affirmation. Let's face it, we got into this business to help others, yet did not acquire the business acumen (as it was not the emphasis in graduate school) needed to run and operate our practice like a "business"!

Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why we here at A.P.E.X. strive to meet you, the client, where you are! Whether you are in need of 1x only consultation, desire to have a coach on the sidelines that can help address questions or concerns as they arise and as such, need access to a coach for a certain amount of time each month, or you desire to engage in a full fledge program that can get you up and running, A.P.E.X., has the solution for you.

Some of the areas we help you with are as follows:

  • Revise mindset and approach to private practice that will help you Act Like a Therapist, Think Like an Entrepreneur™.

  • Specific strategies on how to start, build, run, operate, market, and/or  grow your small business (i.e., private practice).

  • ABC’s of Insurance- Auditing, Billing, and Credentialing

  • Connecting you with other professionals (i.e., Counselor 2 Counselor Networking).

  • Guidance in developing big ideas and expanding underutilized skills (ex. organizing your day, use of apps with clients, joining insurance panels, etc.).

  • Library of affiliates and resources to help you choose the right product/vendor/tool for your business (ex. EHRs, Websites, Progress Notes/Templates, etc.).

  • Leading a more balanced life. 

  • Variety of options to allow for the right fit for you!

Utilizing an customized approach, the focus will be on helping you gain the tools and or solutions that work best for your unique situation.

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